Shula Mozes

To me, giving is a way of life. I believe a man is responsible for the society in which he lives. I’m grateful for the wealth I already have, and I want to use it to help those who help themselves.

Born in Romania, made Alyiah at age 13. Graduated Boyer Boarding School and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Hebrew University. In 2001, she founded “LaMerchav” program with the vision of promoting social change through an intensive and multi dimensional intervention in the lives of young adults who lack family support. Since then, she has funded the program together with her husband, Zeev, and is personally involved in its daily activities. She attends many forums dealing with young adults, and is a JFN member. In 2012 she won the Midot Effectiveness Award. She is married to Zeev, with whom she has four children and eleven grandchildren.

Shula is a member of the Committed To Give initiative for promoting Israeli philanthropy.

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