Irith Rappaport

Irith was born in Israel, raised in Geneva, and graduated from New York University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications. Today, though her primary residence is in Tel Aviv, Irith travels extensively to the United States and Europe throughout the year. Irith is Vice President for Financial and Corporate Communication at Policy Ltd.

Irith is the Deputy Chairperson of the Rappaport Family Foundation, Irith has managed many projects on behalf of the Foundation, including: the construction of the Ruth Children Hospital at the Rambam Medical Campus in Haifa; the establishment of numerous family prize awards in the arts, sciences, and women of outstanding achievements; and the organization and supervision of special events.

Irith is a major supporter of the arts and education in Israel and internationally. She serves on the Board of Governors of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, as well as on the Museum’s Board of Directors and is the President of the Israeli Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Board of the American Friends of the Museum. Further leadership commitments include: Board of Directors, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra; Board of Governors and member of the Executive Board of Directors of Shenkar Institute of Design and Technology; founding member of the Institute of Law and Philanthropy at Tel Aviv University; International and Israeli Board of Directors, Jewish Funder’s Network; Board of Directors and Chairperson of Biorap (the technological transfer commercial company of the Rappaport Institute of Biomedical Research); and Deputy Chairperson of the Rappaport Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Technion. More recently Ms. Rappaport has recently joined the International Directors’ Council of the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Opera. She is a member of the Committed To Give initiative for promoting Israeli philanthropy.