Dr. Joshua Rosensweig

1. Dr. Joshua Rosensweig was born in Toronto, Canada, and immigrated to Israel in 1973. He holds an LLB degree from Bar-Ilan University Law School, and both a Masters (LLM in Taxation) and a doctorate (JSD) in International Taxation from New York University. Dr. Rosensweig established and built a law firm, and carried on his law practice while serving as a lecturer in Law Schools and Business/Accounting Programs. He also served on Israeli government committees which advised and recommended new fiscal legislation in Israel.
2. Following the merger of his law firm with Gronitzky & Co. Dr. Rosensweig became one of the three most senior partners in the merged firm. In his legal career, Dr. Rosensweig specialized in advising and dealing with all forms of fiscal planning, tax advice and representation, international investment, large Israeli and cross-border conglomerates, financial institutions, M+A, advance technology transactions, and holistic inter-generational planning for high net-work families.
3. In 2003 Dr. Rosensweig was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of First International Bank, one of Israel’s five major banks, and began a career in business and finance. During the next 15 years, Dr. Rosensweig served as director (sometimes Chairman) of other major public companies, and several prominent advanced technology companies.