Avi Naor

Avi (Avinoam) Naor is a business and social entrepreneur who has been one of the pioneers of the Israeli High-Tech industry.
.Avi was a founder of Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX), $9.5b market cap company He served as the president and CEO of Amdocs from 1995 until 2002. Since then, he has served as Board Chairman and Board Member of a number of Israeli-based companies.
Avi is currently the CEO and main investor of a new company that brings in-store visual identification and personalization solutions to leading retailers. He is passionate about helping “brick and mortar” retailers connect with their shoppers as individuals and provide the types of shopping experiences that cannot be obtained on-line.
As a philanthropist, Avi and his wife Eti aim to create widespread impact and social change in Israeli society. They focus on three main areas: Road safety through the Or Yarok Association, children and youth at risk through investing in Youth villages and Boarding Schools, and supporting the periphery through investing in young communities through Shahaf Foundation.
Avi is a founding member of the initiative “Committed to Give” promoting Israeli philanthropy, a group of Israeli social investors who chose to work together in order to significantly increase the level of private philanthropy in Israel, and to improve philanthropy’s effectiveness.
Avi served as the co-chairman of the Jewish Funders Network.
Avi was awarded the Israel Prize, the state’s highest honor, for his lifetime achievement and exceptional contribution to the nation. In addition, he was awarded the President’s Award Medal a personal award from late president Peres.
Avi has Honorary Doctorates from the Israel Institute of Technology (The Technion) and from The University of Haifa.