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Our Mission — יכולים נותנים
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Our Mission


Let’s Talk About a Growing Society
Approximately 120,000 Israelis have available assets of at least 1 million dollars. Less than 1% of them donate above $30K annually to non-profit organizations. This is quite amazing.
Israeli society is in the midst of constant growth. We like to define ourselves as the Start-Up Nation, but the growth of wealth and innovation come with increased social gaps and needs.
Closing the Gap
There is a gap between the ability of wealthy Israelis to give and their actual giving. At Committed to Give, we’re here to close the gap by creating a vibrant market for new Israeli social funders.
The social sector is where needs and gaps meet innovation and creativity. Israel’s social sector plays a prominent role in everyone’s lives. It is there for us throughout life’s most important events – from birth, throughout adolescence and when raising a family. It is also there for us during unexpected times – sickness, poverty, post trauma and special needs.
Yet in order to thrive, Israel’s social sector requires resources, this is the less glamorous side of growth. Israel’s social sector requires wise social funding to benefit society at full strength. Current funding are not enough to meet the challenges on the horizon. Private funding promotes innovation and social entrepreneurship. They are the growth engine empowering Israel’s civil society – and that’s why they can make a difference.

Who We Are
Committed to Give is a group of social funders who work together to sprout new and engaged social funders within Israel’s society

Our Mission
Our mission is to increase the number of wealthy Israelis who choose to invest in Israel’s social sector, in a meaningful and sustainable manner. We aim to create a new reality. Nothing less.
How Do We Achieve Our Goals?
By inspiring people who care about their society to take the next step forward. People who are super-busy, and yet are not fulfilled by financial success alone. People who also desire to succeed in social doing. We are here to enable them to begin.
How Can You Begin Social funding?
CanGive – You’re on the verge of major financial success. Focused on your business ventures. Committed to Give offers a platform that helps you direct now your future as a social funder, to give, do well, when you actually can. By pledging with CanGive, you’re committing 2% of your personal earnings, after a sale or exit, to any social cause at your choice. It’s a big decision, that simplifies doing well.

25K – This low-risk, high-return platform allows you to socially fund right away. With 25K, you’re funding a clearly-defined sum in a social cause of your choice. This tailor made social funding proposal includes the social returns, and your preferred level of involvement.
Acquiring Tools via Personal Guidance – At Committed to Give, we’re utilizing our vast social funding knowledge and experience to provide you with initial consultation regarding funding areas. We’re also getting you acquainted with optimal tools for social funding planning. In addition, we’re offering personal guidance, expertly delivered by seasoned social funders.

Our Team:

Lior Finkel-Perl
Director of Committed to Give
Lior Finkel-Perl, has held senior management positions in social change and non-profit organizations since 2012. In April 2015, she was elected to be the Executive Director of Civic Leadership, the umbrella organization of the third sector in Israel, which works to promote pro-sectoral policies.
During the Covid-19 crisis, Civic Leadership established the Third Sector "war room" and led a struggle to receive governmental aid budgets for the nonprofit organizations that were affected by the crisis but still were the first to help. This struggle ended with the allocation of 300 million NIS for the benefit of the NPOs’ activities for the benefit of the citizens of Israel.
Prior to that, Lior worked as a senior parliamentary advisor in the Knesset and as a government relations adviser, with an emphasis on social issues. In 2011 she was selected as a Research Fellow in the Atkin fellowship at King's College London University in England. Her field of research dealt with the role of women in policy and national security processes, with an emphasis on peace negotiations. From 2017 to 2020, she served as a guest lecturer at the Hebrew University, as part of the MA program in non-profit management. Lior has many years of experience in extensive public and social activities and is a member of the ROI community, an international network of change leaders. In 2019 she was selected to represent Israel in the US State Department premier professional exchange program - IVLP - on civic engagement. In 2020, Lior was selected for the economic newspaper Globes’ Young Leadership '40-Under-40' list.
Lior is a member of the board of directors of the Rosh Ha'Ayin Economic Company, elected chairperson of the public council of The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, and a member of the Audit Committee of the Fund for Reducing Gaps in Israeli Society. Prior to that, she served as a board member in the Public Knowledge Workshop.
Lior lives in Rosh Ha’Ayin with her two daughters, Shira and Gil and her husband Gal, who is a military and security researcher. Lior holds a BA in business management from the Ruppin Academic Center and an MA in public policy from Tel Aviv University.
Noa Shachar
Coordinator of Committed to Give
I joined Committed To Give after working at “Midot”, a NGO that promotes effectiveness and impact in the social sector. Prior to that, I worked as an executive producer on a variety of television programs.
I hold B.A in literature and political sciences from TAU and an M.A at the University of Haifa, as part of The Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies.

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