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Our Mission


Committed to Give is a group of Israeli funders working together to sprout engaged and impactful private Israeli philanthropy.
Our mission is to increase the number of funders in Israel in a significant and sustainable manner.
Committed to Give encourages and assists high net worth individuals on their journey to becoming strategic funders. We offer practical tools and expertise for social investment, as well as guidance by veteran funders.

We believe in a strong, prosperous civic society that provides effective solutions to the Israeli society needs. We believe that a strong social sector is essential for a strong and resilient Israeli society.
We know that the social sector in Israel lacks resources, particularly available and flexible resources that are needed for its development. The scope of private funding is not sufficient. There is a gap between the donation capacity of people with wealth and their actual giving.
We believe that philanthropy is the de facto growth engine of Israel’s social sector. Philanthropy promotes social innovation, R & D of creative social solutions and it often leads and accelerates inter-sectorial processes to narrow gaps and lead social changes.

Committed to Give is working to encourage and support people with wealth on their journey to becoming funders. We offer practical experience and provide tools and skills for social investments, without any expectations or intent to request a specific donation in return. We provide guidance by veteran funders who will support you throughout your first philanthropic social investment.

Our Mission:
To increase the number of funders in Israel, to sprout private, engaged and impactful Israeli philanthropy in a significant and sustainable manner.
 A group of Israeli funders leading the initiative
 Promoting and fostering philanthropic giving among wealthy Israelis
 Setting an example to motivate others
 Exposing the social and personal value that lies in philanthropic social investment
 Providing practical tools to experience philanthropy

The Committed to Give plenary serves as the initiative’s board of directors and at the same time acts as the executive and operating body.
Target Audience:
According to Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook 2017, about 10,000 families living in Israel have available assets of at least $5 Million. However, estimates show that only about 1,000 families donate $25k per year (at minimum).
We are concerned by the wide gap between the capacity to donate and the actual scope of donations, and aim to create a significant mass of private funders in Israel. Israel’s social sector needs financial resources which do not rely on the government in order to develop innovative services and provide quick and flexible solutions to organizations working to promote social change and create a strong civil society.

Our Team:

Maya Lapid Edut
Director of Committed to Give
I have significant experience working with NGOs in the Jewish world, primarily organizations with a focus on Jewish Peoplehood and Israel’s relationship with Jewish communities abroad. As director of organizational development at Beit Hatfutsot, I led the marketing and re-branding of the Museum of the Jewish People. During my time working at Maccabi World Union, as Director of the North American Desk, I managed and developed Jewish identity related educational programs. For three years, I was the Jewish Agency Shlicha (emissary) for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and Habonim Dror Camp Galil.
I hold a BA in Behavioral Sciences and an MBA. I serve on the board of Keren Baktana and Nitzanim NGOs.
Noa Shachar
Coordinator of Committed to Give
I joined Committed To Give after working at “Midot”, a NGO that promotes effectiveness and impact in the social sector. Prior to that, I worked as an executive producer on a variety of television programs.
I hold B.A in literature and political sciences from TAU and am currently completing an M.A at the University of Haifa, as part of The Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies.

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